Galaxy Diamond Paintings

71 products

71 products

Explore our enchanting collection of 40+ Galaxy Diamond Paintings. You can order a diamond art for as low as 9.99$. There is a range of different sizes we offer from 20x25cm to 90x120cm.

Paint Your Own Galaxy With Diamonds

Galaxy paintings are mesmerizing and captivating. The colors and textures of each painting allow your focus to be pulled in by the intensity of their beauty. Each one is a unique reflection of the night sky and its many cosmic wonders.

Step into a galaxy with these intricate paintings. Visit one of the most stunning places in the world today- our galaxy! Our galactic-inspired paintings will take you on an adventure throughout time and space, set before you are dazzling vistas that are mysterious and unknown. If you want to make a present for someone, why not try a galaxy diamond painting kit? After finishing space diamond painting, you can frame it and hang it on your wall to get overwhelmed by the glory of vast space.

"Everything dies, from the smallest blade of grass to the biggest galaxy." -Stephen R. Donaldson.

Why Diamond Painting?

Embarking on the journey of Painting with Diamonds? feel yourself at home. Also known as "Diamond art" & "paint with diamonds"; diamond Painting is the biggest thing that happened to the world of Art after "Paint by Numbers". It is a combination of paint by numbers, jigsaw puzzle & cross-stitch. Painting with diamonds has literally saved lives with its stress-relieving & mental health benefits. 

We have everything you can think of to paint with diamonds from Special Diamond Painting Kits & LED diamond painting kits to Glow in the dark diamond art kits & notebook covers.