custom diamond painting
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits
Custom Diamond Painting Kits

Custom Diamond Painting Kits

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Ordering Custom diamond Painting made easy:

💝 Free color & brightness correction + cropping
💝 Don't worry about the aspect ratio - Our designers will handle that for you.

✔️ Free expert recommendation for size if you need
✔️ Free preview of your photo > canvas 

⭕ Larger size = better details | Order a bigger size
⭕ Choose a high quality and object oriented photo

💎 "All Diamond Painting 2.0 kits" are the most upgraded kits around.

⭐ 1000+ reviews | Choose us now & thank us later

Still have a question? hit us up!

Feel the thrill of seeing your selected image come to life with glittery diamonds. Lifelong celebration of one captured moment in a special way! Sparkle your wall or dazzle your loved ones by gifting a customized painting crafted with extra bling and shimmery diamonds.

Shipping is Free All over the World

Shipping times:

United States 12-20 days
Australia 13-20 days
Canada 14-20 days
United Kingdom 14-25 days
Finland, Sweden, Norway 12-20 days
France, Netherlands 10-20 days
Rest of the World

12-60 days

Factors such as bottlenecks in shipping and delays at customs may impact delivery time.

If you don't receive your order (excluding custom prints) in 60 days, we will refund you and you get to keep it for free.

  • Premium Soft Velvet canvas
  • Poured Glue - Say bye to double tape
  • Every Kit has AB Diamonds
  • 2 Trays
  • 1 Tweezers
  • 2 Diamond Painting pens
  • 3 piece Multi-diamond applicators
  • 2 Pots of wax (6 Wax Pads)
  • Instructions manual
  • Sizes bigger than 30x40 are Box packed
  • Premium Tools set

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Andrea Cramp
Awaiting for the kit

I haven't received the kit yet, but it's on its way, according to the tracking number.
I will get it in a few days time.

Nevin Goodman
Product review

Product review: although I have not received my kit yet this is the second project from this company. I had received one for Christmas this past year. Absolutely loved it and it came out better than I had hoped it would. So when I decided to do another one for our other pet, I didn’t hesitate to order through this company.

Wilbur Lemmon

All Diamond Painting did a wonderful job of recreating the castle picture I sent. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I will definitely use them again.

Van Nguyen
Good job

I like your kits.

Kathy Short

Takes too long to ship

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Choosing Size of Diamond Painting

🏡 Get Your Order at Your Doorstep

Your custom order will take up to 7 days to dispatch after color correction, image enhancement, printing, and packaging. You will receive the order at your doorstep. Check your due shipment timing according to your region/country.

📤 Upload Picture

Upload photo that you want to convert into diamond painting from your computer or your mobile gallery. Choose the size you want for the DP and select the drill type (round or square). Add to cart and proceed to payment.

🆓 Order Free Previews

Work in collaboration with our expert designers for free color enhancement and color correction. We won't transform the image into a diamond painting until you are satisfied with the free preview.

Choose the Right Size For Custom Diamond Painting

Smaller canvases will lack details! Too small canvas means the less diamond drills will be glued to cover the diversity and gradual shift in colors of the picture. The result will be blurry, lost details, and pixelated diamond painting that you won't even be able to recognize from afar.

🔮 Choose the largest possible size, especially for images with pets and people. If it sounds too intimidating to select the correct size, check our recommendation.

⭐ 1 person: 30x 40 cm

⭐ 2 persons: 40 x 60 cm

⭐ 3 persons: 60 x 80 cm

Choose Perfect Photo For Best Results

High-resolution Image

Choose a high-resolution image for custom-made diamond painting. Blurry pictures will appear more pixelated in diamond painting. Zoom in the image to check the blurriness. If the image appears pixelated on zooming, move on to choosing another high-resolution picture.

Proper Lighting

Pick an image that is not snapped in direct sunlight. The image that is neither too bright nor too dark and shadowy will render better results, mirror the original image with the perfectly matched color of diamond resins.

Canvas Dimension

All images, be it "Portrait" or "landscape," should have coordinating canvas dimensions. A landscape image in portrait canvas or portrait image in landscape canvas means the image would need to be cropped, leaving part of the image.

📦 The Complete Package With All Accessories

Our diamond paintings are accompanied by all the necessary tools to start your customized diamond painting project right away.

  • Premium Soft Velvet canvas
  • Poured Glue - Say bye to double tape
  • Every Kit has 2 or more AB Diamonds
  • 2 Trays for diamonds
  • 1 Tweezers
  • 2 Diamond Painting pens
  • 3 piece Multi-diamond applicators
  • 2 Pots of wax
  • Instructions manual
  • Sizes bigger than 30x40 are Box packed

🖼️ Want a Matching Frame?

After completion of your bespoke diamond painting, the next process is framing, unless you want to hide your hand-made artwork in the cupboard. Order your frame along with custom diamond painting to save double shipping and avoid the headache of finding the right frame for your diamond painting.

Just select the frame size on the "your cart" page when you submit your photo, and your properly packaged frame will be sent to your doorstep at a single shipping cost.

How to Start

Step 1

Unpack the kit, organize diamond drills and tools, unroll the canvas on the working surface.

Step 2

Pour diamonds of one
color into the grooved tray. Dip the applicator in the wax.

Step 3

Pick the diamond from the tray with the applicator and stick it on the corresponding symbol on the canvas.

Step 4

Finish applying all diamonds, frame it and showcase it to garner appreciative looks.

Why Our Custom-Made Diamond Paintings Are Better Than Others

👌 Free Photo Refinement

After receiving the image, we don't just run it through software to get the printed diamond painting. All Diamond Painting designers first analyze the image's imperfections diligently and thoroughly, eliminate all image flaws by manually adjusting brightness and shadows, optimize colors, and crop the image to focus on the main subject and match the canvas dimensions.

✅ Crop the image

✅ Fix image brightness & shadows

✅ Optimize colors & sharpening image

📐 Free Size Recommendations

Use this section to explain a set of product features, to lDiamond painting sizes can be confusing! What if your custom diamond painting's size doesn't turn out to be good. While we believe in the bigger, the better, an extra-large image would take more time to complete and is useless if the image is simple with fewer color variations and not enough space to hang. Feel free to reach out to us for size recommendations.

✅ No wild-guessing of canvas size if you are unsure.

✅ Ask our designers about size recommendations for the image.

✅ Complete satisfaction

ink to a series of pages, or to answer common questions about your products. Add images for emphasis.

🎁 Team Up With Us For Free Preview

Getting the microscopic details of the image correct with matching vibrant colors, contrast, and no shadow is a feat to achieve. Band together with our experts to get the exact diamond painting your mind has imagined. Just send us a message to see the preview of your diamond painting to avoid any dissatisfaction later. We will make the necessary adjustments if you aren't satisfied with the preview.

✅ Crop the image.

✅ Fix image brightness & shadows.

✅ Optimize colors & sharpening image.

Why "All Diamond Painting" Kits Outshine Others

✨ Better Bling

All Diamond Painting uses fine-cut diamonds with smooth edges and extra shine to sparkle your diamond painting. All the diamonds are cut uniformly to fit with the adjacent diamond without leaving a gap.

🍥 Velvet Canvas

Poor quality stiff fabric or plastic canvas has imperfections and wrinkles that don't flatten easily. Unlike other diamond painting manufacturers, we use the most desirable, soft, anti-wrinkle canvas that is now becoming the industry standard.

🧴️ Poured Glue

Cheap diamond paintings use double-sided tape that loses its adhesiveness and causes rivers and wrinkles on the canvas. We pour glue over the canvas, cure it in a compartment to increase the adhesiveness of the canvas. The result is your diamond drills won't fall off the canvas even after years later.

🧊 Clear Plastic Cover

Other diamond paintings have an opaque cover which means you will have to guess how the image will turn out. Our clear plastic cover over the diamond painting lets you see the entire canvas rather than only the section you are working on.

🤝 Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty for all our products. If you aren't satisfied with the diamond painting due to low-quality beads or canvas issues, you will get 100% money back.

🅰️ Easy to Read Symbols

The symbols on the canvas are handpicked to avoid confusion between similar symbols and add clarity. Our printing team ensures that printing on the canvas is clear and our high-resolution symbols are precisely printed and easily readable.

Designing & Shipping

✏️ Designing

The designing process, including all color correction, printing, and packaging, can take 7-8 business working days. Within 8 days your custom diamond painting will be ready to dispatch.

🚚 Shipping

Once your package has clearance from the quality assurance team and is packaged neatly, it is then delivered for dispatching. Dispatch time varies, depending on the destination. Check your destination under the shipping label to know how many days it may take to be delivered to your doorstep. If you don't receive your package within 60 days, contact our team to get a replacement for your diamond painting under free insurance.

📨 Customer Support

We are proud of our remarkable customer support that remains active to address all issues and queries. In case of any question, return or exchange, feel free to reach out to us by using the "Contact Us" page. Our customer support team will reply to all your queries in a timely manner.

🛡️ Free Insurance

All Diamond Painting secures their customers' kits from kits lost during shipment, missed or mixed diamond drills from the package and back the kits by free accidental insurance. Our insurance extends to the accidental mix up of drills at home so you can finish your diamond painting in peace.

📝 Licensed Diamond Art

All diamond painting carries immense pride in enunciating our collaboration with renowned artists who bring you unique and exclusive artwork.

✈️ Shipping

Once you confirm your order, we will dispatch it within 2 business days. Shipment time varies, depending on the destination. Check your destination under the shipping label to know how many days it may take to be delivered to your doorstep. If you don't receive your package within 60 days, contact our team to get a replacement for your diamond painting under free insurance.