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Clear Glue for Diamond Paintings

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This Clear Transparent Glue is really helpful in Diamond Painting. There is 3ML glue in 1 piece. Using this magical glue on your Diamond Painting will increase your painting's life.


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Shipping times:

United States 12-20 days
Australia 13-20 days
Canada 14-20 days
United Kingdom 14-25 days
Finland, Sweden, Norway 12-20 days
France, Netherlands 10-20 days
Rest of the World

12-60 days

Factors such as bottlenecks in shipping and delays at customs may impact delivery time.

If you don't receive your order (excluding custom prints) in 45 days, Please contact us.

What Will Happen When I Paint Diamonds?

🖌️ Diamond Painting makes you feel "relaxed".
🖌️ It scares away the "stress".
🖌️ Makes you feel "happier".
🖌️ Painting makes you "focus" better.
🖌️ It improves the overall "mental health"
🖌️ Last but not the least, it enhances your "painting skills" because practice makes a man perfect.
*All above facts are Scientifically Proven.*

  • 📨 Customer Support

    We are proud of our remarkable customer support that remains active to address all issues and queries. In case of any question, return or exchange, feel free to reach out to us by using the "Contact Us" page. Our customer support team will reply to all your queries in a timely manner.

  • 🛡️ Free Insurance

    All Diamond Painting secures their customers' kits from kits lost during shipment, missed or mixed diamond drills from the package and back the kits by free accidental insurance. Our insurance extends to the accidental mix up of drills at home so you can finish your diamond painting in peace.

  • 📝 Licensed Diamond Art

    All diamond painting carries immense pride in enunciating our collaboration with renowned artists who bring you unique and exclusive artwork.

✈️ Shipping

Once you confirm your order, we will dispatch it within 2 business days. Shipment time varies, depending on the destination. Check your destination under the shipping label to know how many days it may take to be delivered to your doorstep. If you don't receive your package within 60 days, contact our team to get a replacement for your diamond painting under free insurance.