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26 products

Car Diamond Paintings

There are 15+ full drill car diamond paintings in this collection. You can choose a variety of sizes from 20x25cm to 90x120cm with a starting price of just 9.99$.

What Is Cars Diamond Painting To You?

Since the invention of cars, these little vehicles have become an essential part of a human's life. Even for some people, cars are the life of their life. People can spend hours and hours in the maintenance and cleaning of their cars. You have reached the right spot if you are into cars too. In this car diamond painting collection, you can find some really high-quality paintings that you can buy. You can complete these paintings by yourself or you can invite your other car-loving friends and have a little nice gathering over it.

Cars became popular in the early 20th century. They were what people used to get around town or between towns. As time progressed, people found that they could accomplish more in life with cars than without them. They began using them for everything- shopping, working, and socializing. People also loved the mobility that cars gave them- they could go wherever they wanted to go whenever they wanted, so long as there was gas available to fuel their car. The most recent car models run on electricity, making the cars, an environment-friendly vehicle.

I am emotional about engines, if you hurt my car, you hurt my heart.” —Amit Kalantri

Shape Of Diamonds

Diamonds normally come in two different shapes. Rounded and square. Rounded diamonds are easy to handle and are recommended for beginners in diamond painting art. Rounded diamonds leave some space on canvas because of their shape. While square diamonds are hard to handle and are for the more experienced artists. These diamonds cover 100% of the canvas space.

There is a third type for diamond shapes. These diamonds are called special diamonds and their shapes are irregular, varying from painting to painting. These diamonds are used in special diamond paintings.

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Get your desired car diamond painting today and start your journey through the diamonds!