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41 products

Browse through our high-quality full drill forest diamond painting collection and buy your favorite one for as low as 9.99$. There are different sizes to choose from. The larger the size of the painting the more detailed it will look. So it is recommended to go for large-sized images for a better experience.

Life-saving Forest Diamond Paintings

Forests are the 2nd main source of oxygen. As forests are the source of life and are beneficial for both humans and animals, our forest diamond paintings also have several health effects on humans. These paintings are a great source of relieving stress and anxiety. Complete a forest diamond painting kit with your family and feel comfortable.

Almost everywhere in the world, forests are shrinking. In order to maintain a healthy ecosystem, we need to consider the conservation and restoration of forests. Forests provide us with more than just a place to enjoy nature - they also serve as key habitat for many animal species, purify our air and water, regulate climate change, produce oxygen, and help retain the world's carbon dioxide. There are a number of factors that contribute to deforestation. The ever-increasing demand for wood, wildfires, a place to live for the increased human population, and many more. We are at the collision course with the 6th mass extinction, and the cause of it; us, the humans.

"Sadly, it's much easier to create a desert than a forest." -James Lovelock

What Makes Us Stand Out In The Huge Market Of Diamond Painting?

The conventional technique for diamond painting is of using stickers for sticking diamonds. With the passage of time, the adhesive lost its stickiness. We use glue or wax to Stick the diamonds on the canvas. After finishing your favorite forest diamond painting, you can frame the painting and hang it on your wall or gift, someone, without being worried about diamonds falling out from the canvas or fading colors.

There are special forest diamond painting kits too. These paintings are just like all of our other partial drill diamond paintings but with a different feature, this painting has special shaped diamonds 

Best Selling Forest Diamond Paintings:

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Order your forest diamond painting now and experience the wilderness!