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10 products

Buy some magical Phoenix diamond paintings for as low as 9.99$ with full drill sizes ranging 20x15cm to 90x120cm.

Why Phoenix Diamond Painting?

Paintings are a part of human history since the very dawn of humanity. Paintings were generally invented to leave a mark for the generations to come. Paintings were also used as a very early form of visual storytelling. Phoenix is generally considered a good omen. Complete the phoenix diamond painting kit with your friends or family and make unforgettable memories for yourself. You can hang it on your wall after completion or it might as well be used as a gift.

The Phoenix, a mythical bird from ancient Greek mythology, has been a symbol of rebirth for centuries. The phoenix has been a symbol of renewal and beginnings for the past 3,000 years. The oldest recorded depiction of the phoenix is found in an Egyptian hieroglyph from 1372 BC. The phoenix rose from the ashes after its own funeral pyre - living for another thousand years. The legend was first told by Ancient Egyptians and has since been adopted by people around the world as their own.

"I no longer feared the darkness once I knew the phoenix in me would rise from the ashes." -William C. Hannan

Find Nothing Of Your Liking?

Go to browser, search and download your favorite high-resolution Phoenix photo. Send it to us and we will convert your favorite Phoenix photo into a diamond painting. Yes, it's that easy. You have to place an order with the desired size of the custom diamond painting, upload the photo, "ANY" photo you want to turn into a diamond painting and we will send you your diamond painting kit.

Choose the size carefully, sometimes people choose detailed designs and place orders for smaller sizes and the result is not as they expect it to be. If your painting is less detailed or has a single character, a 20x25 or 25x25 cm diamond painting would give an acceptable result. If your painting is detailed and you order a smaller size like 20x25cm or 20x20cm, the finished might be blurred and pixelated. The bigger, the better is the general rule for any painting. A bigger size would give a detailed finer result.

Our Most Celebrated Phoenix Diamond Painting Kits Are:

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