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5 products

Choose from our 10+ best quality full drill Dandelion Diamond Paintings starting just at a price of 9.99$ and a variety of sizes ranging from 20x25cm to 90x120cm. Large diamond paintings have a more finished and detailed look.

Spreading Seeds Of Diamond Painting with Dandelion Diamond Painting

Dandelions are very famous for their seed-spreading property. The seeds dispatch from the blooming flower even with a little touch of the air. Then the air carries the seeds to far-off places where the seeds land and a new dandelion is planted. Dandelions are the symbol of a new beginning. In the same way, our 5d dandelion diamond painting collection is just like your new beginning in the world of diamond painting. Celebrate your love of nature and paint some really awesome dandelion diamond paintings that will, in the end, fill you with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Dandelions are considered to be weeds by many people, but they also have many benefits. They can be used for medicinal purposes and as a food source. Dandelion greens are similar to other leafy greens, which contain potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, C, and K. However, dandelion greens are quite bitter due to their high concentration of tannins. This is one of their best qualities because tannins help the liver detoxify the body.

Be like a dandelion. Whenever they fall apart, they start again. Have hope.” -Anonymous

Working By Section Or By Color on Dandelion Diamond Painting?

You can complete a dandelion diamond painting with two strategies. You can pick specific-colored diamonds at a time and fill the whole painting where those diamonds are to be placed. Or you can start line by line, placing different colored diamonds according to the sequence on the painting. By the former technique, you have to identify all the places on the painting where that specific diamonds are to be placed, uncover that area, place diamonds and then cover it again. Some diamond painters feel that this strategy will make the painting complex. They suggest that you should rather stick to the later technique, place all different diamonds in different trays and keep on placing them at their mentioned place one by one. No need to cover and uncover the top layer again and again. Keep in mind that dandelion diamond painting art is patience requiring and needs persistence. So relax and enjoy the fine crafting. There is no rush.

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Spread happiness like the dandelion seeds with our dandelion diamond painting collection!