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15 products

There are 5+ products in the monkey diamond painting collection with varying sizes from 20x25cm to 90x120cm, starting just at the price of 9.99$ for a full drill painting. Apes are at the second number in the list of animals that are closely related to humans. 

Why We Love Monkey Diamond Paintings

There are some people who keep chimpanzees as pets. If you are an animal lover and you too are amazed by the interesting activities of monkeys, this monkey diamond painting collection is for you. You can find some really cute monkey paintings here which offer you the best way of killing time, enjoying the company of friends or family, and celebrating the excitement for completing the monkey diamond art kit, all at the same time. Since their discovery, monkeys and apes have been the subject of many documentaries. Monkeys and apes are known for their intelligence, adaptability to change, and affection for one another. People who study apes and monkeys can gain a better understanding of human behavior. 

"I learned the way a monkey learns - by watching its parents." -Prince Charles

What Are Special Diamond Paintings?

Special diamond paintings are a type of partial drill diamond art. Partial drill means that the canvas of these paintings will not be completely covered by the diamonds. The uncovered canvas of this partial drill painting is preprinted. The thing which really makes the special diamond paintings unique is the shape of their diamonds. The regular paintings use square-shaped or rounded diamonds but this is not the case with these special diamond paintings. The diamonds for these paintings vary in shape and are uniquely manufactured for a specific painting. The sizes of these diamonds are also irregular and are shinier than regular diamonds.

Glow in dark diamond painting is an entirely new concept that uses a special diamond made up of phosphors that emit stored light when the lights are turned off.

Our 4 Most Selling Monkey Diamond Art Kits:

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Prepare yourself to be visited by the diamond painting of this highly intelligent being - order now!