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7 products

There are 10+ mermaid diamond painting kits in our collection starting at 9.99$ for a full drill painting. We offer different sizes of paintings from 20x20cm to 100x150cm.

Diamond painting is a fantastic hobby thing to have, and it is also great for your mental health. Buy your first mermaid diamond painting to give yourself a break and spend time with your loved ones as you paint with diamonds.

Humans invented paintings so that they can draw their imagination on paper or something to share with other people to tell them their fantasies. We have always been fascinated by our imagination. Mermaid is a result of such imagination. While there are many believers in the actual existence of this mythical creature, no solid evidence has been found yet.

There are people all over the world who carry the mermaid inside them.” — Carolyn Turgeon.

Starting with Mermaid Diamond Painting? Remember 4 Basic Tips

When purchasing your first mermaid diamond painting, consider whether the painting is to your liking and that it can be painted easily. Difficult or complex images and an extra-large canvas may be intimidating for newcomers, so choose something you already enjoy.

If you notice the top layer of the canvas missing its adhesive layer, there's no need to panic. That usually means the adhesive has bonded onto the top layer rather than the canvas. The solution is simple. Just place the canvas back down and try to peel the paper off from another corner. Good thing is,

OUR canvases are premium quality soft canvases with Poured Glue (not double tape) - The above problem is experienced by people who use double tape, outdated canvases.

Take this tip to heart, and your canvas won't suffer from air bubbles, which are the bane of any diamond painting lover. Take a small blade, keep the blade relatively light, puncture the bubbles on the canvas, and avoid pressing the tool down hard when you draw. put heavy books after the air is out from the bubbles and your canvas will be straightened and bubbleless in 24 hours.

Always be sure to keep diamonds organized in designated labeled containers or in an organizer. Labeled containers will make it easier for you to find diamonds when needed.

4 of our Most Selling Mermaid Diamond Paintings are

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Get your mermaid diamond painting and dive into the ocean of imagination. Being inspired by the fascinating mermaids, the Mermaid Tail Swimsuits have become the latest fashion trend for all age groups.