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People who are into flowers can buy a full drill orchid diamond painting from this collection of 10+ products. There are sizes from 20x20cm to 100x150cm starting at the price of just 9.99$.

Orchid Diamond Paintings - Largest Flowering Family

If you are a flower lover and want to admire the beauty of flowers, you are at the right spot. We have a really beautiful diamond painting collection of the largest flowering plant family, the orchid. Get your orchid diamond art kit now and make your house walls a shiny, flowery garden.

The Orchid family is the largest of all flowering plant families. There are approximately 20,000 species of orchids with more being identified each year. The use of orchids in home decorating has increased substantially in recent years. Orchids are not only nice-looking but have certain benefits to the human body.

Important Tips For Starting Diamond Painting

When buying your diamond painting, make sure to select an easy-to-design painting that you not only like but will be happy with once it's completed. First-timers may find confusing symbols and a giant canvas to be too much, so don't go in with these things on your first try.

If there is no adhesive layer when you peel the top layer, you don't have to freak out. This usually means that glue has gotten stuck on top of the canvas rather than it sticking to the bottom sheet. The solution is easy. Just cover it again and rub the canvas down with a roller or brayer. Peel off another side of the continuous layer, which is still stuck to the bottom.

To eliminate air bubbles, the bane of any diamond painter's existence, make small incisions on the canvas with a sharp knife. In order to keep the canvas from being cut, ensure that pressure is light.

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Buy your favorite orchid diamond painting and admire the natural beauty!