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Diamond Painting

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Embarking on the journey of Painting with Diamonds?, feel yourself at home. Also known as "Diamond art" & "paint with diamonds"; diamond Painting is the biggest thing happened to world of Art after "Paint by Numbers". Diamond Painting is a combination of paint by numbers, jigsaw puzzle & cross-stitch.

Painting with diamonds has literally saved lived with its stress relieving & mental health benefits.

Our exclusive & all-inclusive 5D diamond painting kits reinforced with our all new "Diamond Painting Subscription Plans" are tailor-made to satiate your art cravings. We have everything you can think of to paint by diamonds from Special Diamond Painting Kits LED diamond painting kits to Glow in the dark diamond art kits & notebook covers.

Psst..! Wanna know a Secret? ok! With Custom Diamond Painting, you can convert ANY photo to a diamond painting kit. Send us ANY photo you want to paint with diamonds.

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What is diamond painting?

Diamond Painting is an art form that helps every person to be a professional artist even with no practice. Diamond paintings are the paintings that are made with the help of precious small cut diamonds that are glued to a canvas according to the painting that you wish to make. Not only these paintings are super easy to do because of the user friendly kits, but these paintings are also unique enough to display them once they are done!

Diamond Painting kits are available which help in making the process much easier. The Kits usually include glue, diamonds, diamond applicator, canvas and set of instructions to help you test your artistic skills.

How to do Diamond Art?

1. Find a suitable place to start your project
2. Get all your kit components ready
3. Take a good look at the canvas and the corresponding diamonds before starting and plan on where to start
4. Start bringing your diamonds out of the packets.
5. Open the wax/glue tray; dip the edge of your pen/stick to get glue on it.
6. Take the glued edge to the diamonds and pick it up to place it onto the canvas.
7. Stick the diamonds on the canvas one by one.
8. Repeat the process until it is done.
9. Wait for it to dry.
10. Frame it to avoid any dust.
11. Enjoy!

The ALL Diamond Painting™ kit includes:

  • 1 Premium printed canvas
  • Small sachets of numbered diamonds
  • 1 Tray for diamonds
  • 1 Tweezer
  • 1 Diamond painting pen
  • 1 Multi-diamond applicator
  • 1 Pot of wax

Diamond Art - Jean Guillet

🔶 The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke. 🔶

- Jerzy Kozinski -

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Difference between Partial and Full diamond paintings!

Full diamond paintings are the ones that include a canvas that has space for diamonds allover the canvas. However. A partial diamond painting is one that has half or1/4th space that can be glued with diamonds and the other half is already made using pen.

Many people prefer the full diamond painting because it looks like a mosaic and unravels itself during the process which makes it ten times more fun.

What are Special Diamond Paintings?

Each diamond painting for us is special, but that is not what special diamond paintings are.Special diamond paintings are the ones that do not use ordinary round/square shaped diamonds; the diamonds used in these paintings are differently shaped and create an even different look.

Many people prefer special diamond paintings due to the uniqueness they bring to the outlook of your masterpiece. The diamonds used in special diamond paintings are made especially for each painting and cannot be used in another, they are shiny and fun. They are even more beautiful than regular diamonds, and are made to cater to each particular canvas/painting.

Special Diamond Paintings

Wildlife Diamond Art Kits

Benefits of Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting has incredible benefits to the mind, especially for young adults.

·        Takes away all your stress.
·        Increases hand eye coordination.
·        Sparks the creative gene.
·        Relaxes your mind.
·        Passes time.
·        Gives you a relief from the external world.
·        Makes you feel accomplished.

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