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Choose from our 120+ high-quality full drill owl diamond painting collection. The starting price of these paintings is 9.99$ with sizes ranging from 20x20cm to 100x150cm.

Why Choose Owl Diamond Painting?

As an owl is usually symbolized as a wise and intelligent bird, completing this mind-challenging owl diamond painting kit only syncs with this symbolism. Once you have completed the painting you can hang it in your house to add a touch of nature or gift someone. It is a fun activity for children too.

Many cultures around the world have a long history of owl symbolism. For example, in both China and Japan owls are symbols of wisdom because they can see well at night. The Hopi people believe that the first woman and man were turned into an owl and a woman respectively for disobeying orders from their parents. Some believe that owls represent death because their call is often heard just before someone dies.

Throughout history, owls have been associated with wisdom and darkness. They are thought to be symbols of light because they hunt during the night. One ancient tradition includes turning the head into that of an owl to symbolize a person's ability to see through the darkness. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, one of the common depictions of Horus is as an owl-headed man.

How Does Diamond Painting Work?

Diamond painting is similar to painting by numbers, which is why it is also called painting by diamonds. Diamond painting kits are used to create diamond art, which includes a canvas that is printed with symbols and letters denoting the diamonds to be used in their place. It has a top layer of glue, which helps the diamonds stick onto it. The canvas also has a guide explaining which diamonds go where, and the painter has to stick the diamonds into their corresponding areas. The final product is a brilliant, shiny piece of art that is your own making. The diamonds used in the paintings are made of organic polymer resins. They shine because facets are cut into their sides.

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