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Explore through our really cute-looking 10+ hedgehog diamond paintings in this collection. These full drill paintings are starting from a price of just 9.99$ with a size range of 20x20cm to 100x150cm.

Why Hedgehog Diamond Painting?

We have some really cute-looking Diamond paintings of these little hedgehogs. These paintings are usually more popular among children. They really adore this little creature. Completing these cute hedgehog diamond arts will really be an exciting adventure for both you and your kids. Kids will be able to learn a lot of new things about numbers and colors and especially about diamond paintings. The diamond art will also be helpful for their mental health. Help them complete this adorable hedgehog diamond painting and hang it in your children's room. You can also order diamond paintings that glow in dark. Such paintings will take your children's excitement to the next level.

Hedgehogs are new-found household pets. People often mix hedgehogs with porcupines. But hedgehogs are smaller and harmless. They are small mammals that are usually no more than 4 inches long. They typically have a thick, protective layer of spines on their back and sides with coloration that varies depending on the environment they live in. Hedgehogs are small, furry, and cute creatures that some people find appealing to keep at home. However, these creatures may not be ideal for everyone. They can get into tight spaces which can cause them to get injured; they do not like being handled, and there is an odor associated with them that is reminiscent of urine. Some physical characteristics of hedgehogs also make them challenging to keep.

Diamond Painting Kits 2.0

The awaited diamond kit up-gradation is finally here. it includes a blend of enhanced and patented designs and improved material. By hassle-free kits designed to minimize the potential problems faced by diamond artists, it is fulfilling your expectations and dreams. Highlights of painting kits 2.0 are:

  • Softest canvas made of high-grade velvet to minimize imperfections
  • Lustrous and most desirable AB diamonds
  • Better and improved tools with kits to ensure a smooth experience of diamond painting
  • Poured glue instead of double adhesive tape on the canvas for better adhesiveness

Browse our whole collection to choose your new upgraded diamond painting kits and be connected with us for future updates, announcements, price reductions, and new arrivals.

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Get your own Hedgehog Diamond Painting and dig through a new awesome adventure!