How to Frame a Diamond Painting? Traditional and Unusual Methods

As soon as you finish your diamond painting, the next question (usually asked by spouse), "Now what will you do with it?"

Your instant reply is I will frame it. But in your head, you are contemplating ideas of framing a diamond painting. You start thinking of which frame will adorn your diamond painting. Will I get the accurate size of the frame?

However, framing a diamond painting shouldn't be a mind-boggling and head-scratching activity. It should be as relaxing and fun-filled as the diamond painting is in itself, and it will save your diamond painting for you so you can relish it for the years to come.

Canvas Prep Before Framing

Before you frame your diamond painting, dust it and seal it. Some people don't like to seal their diamond painting if they are going to put it behind the glass frame. However, the diamonds can still slip through glass over time. So, we always recommend sealing the diamonds before framing. You can learn more about How to seal your Diamond Painting

Preparing Canvas

Deciding the Frame Options

The next thing is to decide the medium you will use to frame your alluring diamond painting. It can be displayed using various options. You can either buy a custom-made frame or purchase a frame at a thrift store or even glue it to the canvas.

Traditional and Unusual Framing Options

When it comes to frame your diamond painting then you've multiple options to choose from. Some traditional & budget friendly framing options are discussed below:

Buy a Standard Frame

Diamond Painting Wood Frames

The easiest way to frame a diamond painting is to buy a standard frame. The frames come in various styles and sizes. However, it is sometimes hard to find a frame with a size that matches your canvas. You can find a size that is approximately equal to the canvas's size and adjust it to make it perfect.

A Bigger Frame: If your frame is bigger than your artwork, you can use several tips to adjust your diamond painting in the frame.


    • You can use duct tape to hide the legend (the printed guide). The duct tape will surround all edges, giving it a nice solid border.
    • You can also use acrylic paint or color-coordinated craft paper.
    • Another way is to add the mat; once you cut the mat of the frame size with the space for the diamond painting in the middle, tape the painting to the back of the mat so that the image comes in the center. In fact, a bigger frame gives your artwork a visual space.

    A Small Frame: If you choose a frame that's smaller than your Diamond painting, you can trim the edges to make it fit your frame.

    For doing that, place your diamond painting face down on the cutting mat. Use a ruler and a craft knife to trim the edges and then put your diamond painting inside the frame, place in the backing, secure it and hang it.

    Myth-busting: It is considered that the glass dampens the shine and gloss of diamond painting. The truth is, glass doesn't affect the glow of the diamonds; instead, it protects the painting from dust.

    Order a Custom Size Frame

    If you don't want to go through the hassle of purchasing a standard size frame and then trying to fit your canvas in it, you can order a custom size frame.

    Just measure the frame's size and select the material of the frame, and leave the rest to the framer. And once you receive the frame with your custom size, all you will need to do is mount your frame in it and hang it on the wall to get admiral gazes from guests and family members.

    Get it Done Professionally

      Professional framers know the best ways to frame any artwork. If your diamond painting is large and of unusual size, it is better to get it done by a professional framer. They will guide and advise about different frames and take out all the trouble of doing it yourself.

      Thrift Stores

        Thrift stores are practically a treasure store where you can find wonderful items that too on a budget. Go and scan your nearest thrift stores for the fancy and artistic frames to hang your next diamond painting.

        Glue it to the Canvas

          Glue it to the canvas

          Another simple and easiest method to frame your diamond painting is to glue it to the pre-made stretched art canvas.

          • Measure the size of the diamond painting after cutting its extra edges.
          • Buy a stretched blank canvas of either the short size or the exact size of the diamond painting.
          • Apply a craft glue at the backside of the diamond art. Wait for a few seconds to let the glue settle.
          • Apply the diamond painting on the canvas and flatten it to avoid air bubbles in it.
          • If the frame is small, leave the edges and make sure that your diamond painting is centered.
          • Now glue the edges around the canvas and firmly press it.


          Use a roller on the canvas so that the loose diamond drills firmly stick on the canvas.

          Stretcher Bars

            Stretcher bars

            If you like an easy DIY, you can order wooden stretcher bars. You can use stretcher bars to wrap your painting around the edges or have the border around it.

            • Choose the stretcher bars that are at least an inch smaller than the canvas.
            • The stretcher bars have milled corners that fit with each other perfectly to create a seamless 90-degree angle.
            • Slide in the corners, align them and keep pushing until the gap is closed to form a perfect corner.
            • Wrap your canvas around the edges of the stretcher bars and use a staple gun or U nails to give your canvas a taut look.
            • If you fit your diamond painting inside the canvas, make sure that each side has an equal edge.

            Mount it on a Foam Board

              Mounting on Foam Board
              • Buy a foam board, measure the diamond painting.
              • You can cut the foam board to the exact size of the diamond painting or leave some edges to give it a nice border.
              • To cut the foam board, use a box cutter and ruler. If you prefer a border, you can use washi tape/duct tape or paint the border to decorate it.
              • Now, apply a superglue on the foam board and the backside of the canvas.
              • Firmly place your diamond painting on the foam board and smooth it out.


              • You can use Velcro strips at the back to fix it on the wall.

              Use Magnet Frames

              Magnet frames

              If you don't want the hassle of DIY or even framing and cutting, you can use magnet hangers. These are lighter than any traditional frames. Each side is made of two thick panels and has strong magnets to hold them together.

              You can easily place your artwork in between the two panels. The magnets are strong enough to keep your painting firmly in place. The best part is the whole process takes only 30 seconds. They have a cotton rope to hang it, or you can also fix it on the wall using screws.

              Make it from the Scratch

              Have some wood lying around? What about making a DIY frame from scratch? Get some wood bars, trim them according to the size of the diamond painting.

              Join four bars together and wrap your canvas around it. Staple the painting to the canvas.

              Tip: Instead of making it a four-sided frame, you can make a two-sided (top and bottom) frame, staple a diamond painting on it, and hang it with a rope.

              Buy Frames with Images

              Buying standard or custom frames can be expensive. So, a budget option is to buy frames that already have images in them. Replace it with your diamond painting and tada! You are done.

              Some Unusual and Useful Tips For Framing

              If you don't want to hide the diamond painting behind the glass, you can skip it.

                Here are two tips for doing this.

                • Glue your painting to the glass and frame it. It will give the diamond painting a tight backing and fitting.
                • Alternatively, you can also glue your diamond painting to the frame's backing for a tight fit.
                1. Never hang your diamond painting in direct sunlight.
                2. You can also paint the edges of the frame in golden, silver, or any other color you like to give it a new look.
                3. Seal the back of the frame making sure it is air-tight. It will keep out dust and environmental pollutants that can affect your art over time.
                4. Sealing the back of the frame also ensures that your diamond painting will remain safe from environmental effects that will deteriorate your artwork over time. To do that, seal the back with double-stick tape and craft paper. Make sure it is air-tight to give the painting an optimal safety level.
                5. Hang your diamond painting in a way that the center of the image is 57 inches above the floor. It is also determined by the human eye level. So everyone can see your artwork easily and admire it.

                Final Words

                No matter which method you use to frame your diamond painting, framing will give your artwork an extra lifeline and protect it from dust and environmental pollutants. A beautifully crafted diamond painting is way better than a diamond art that you store in a box. So, frame your diamond painting using any of the methods given above, and tell us in the comment section which method you liked the most.