All Diamond Painting Launches Diamond Painting 2.0 Kits

Finally! The long-awaited upgradation of diamond painting kits is completed - A blend of enhanced and patented designs and improved material is here! Fulfilling your expectation and dream of hassle-free kits designed to minimize the potential problems faced by diamond artists.

  • Our improved diamond painting kits include the softest canvas made of high-grade velvet to minimize imperfections.
  • Inclusion of lustrous and most desirable AB diamonds.
  • Better and improved tools with kits to ensure a smooth experience of diamond painting.
  • Poured glue instead of double adhesive tape on the canvas for better adhesiveness.
All Diamond Painting Kit 2.0

We are excited to announce the launch of new and improved Diamond Painting kits by the All Diamond painting for all creative enthusiasts.

"Diamond Painting enthusiasts have been expressing concerns over the quality of the kits for long. So, we decided to eliminate all issues in our coming diamond painting kits. What will be more exhilarating than having a diamond painting kit in your hand without having to worry about creases, wrinkles, or such trivial issues." said Manufacturing Head at All Diamond Painting.

"Without a doubt, our diamond painting kits deliver on all the points and also strive to give art lovers the better crafting tools for creating a masterpiece that they can show off and be proud of." He further added while announcing the upgraded Diamond Painting kits.

All Diamond Painting upgrade kits Include

What's Included in Upgraded Kits

Let's have a look at what our new kits comprise of:

1. Velvet Canvas

The canvas is the foundation on which we sprinkle the diamonds to get the sparkly diamond painting. If the foundation is defective, how can we assume that our end result would be a dazzling painting that will last years?

Previously, our kits were made of Chemical fiber cloth. But our new canvases are a notch above the previous canvas, made of softest, high-grade velvet that minimizes the chances of wrinkles and bubbles on the canvas.

diamond painting Canvas
Velvet Canvas

No more trying to find the hacks to remove imperfections on the diamond painting canvas. Meddling with the diamond painting canvas to make it flawless again takes a lot of time. You take out craft knives to pop the air bubbles or try to iron to remove the wrinkles. But not anymore! Just order the kit, get it delivered, and start your diamond painting straight away.

2. Poured Glue Instead of Double-sided Adhesive

Diamond painting lovers prefer the poured glue canvases more due to the fact that they are more resilient to wrinkles and creases. Our upgraded kits don't have double-sided adhesive tape; instead, we have used a poured glue method in our new kits.

Poured Glued Canvas

The liquid glue is poured on our canvases, spread evenly, and set down to cure. The result is effective adhesiveness, with no wrinkles or bubbles on the canvas. The liquid glue's tackiness doesn't get affected easily, and even if you see the river or crease forming on the poured glue, it won't affect the final result.

The double-sided adhesive tape is more prone to creasing and air bubbles, especially if we pull out the tape repeatedly; it will show more creases on the canvas.

3. AB Diamonds

The most sought-after Aurora Borealis or AB diamonds are also included in the kit to enhance the focus on certain parts of the design. AB diamonds have the fiery sparkle that resembles the northern lights in the polar region.

AB Diamonds

We understand the growing demand for AB diamonds and the pain that diamond artists have to go through to replace ordinary drills with corresponding AB diamond drills. Our experts have simplified your efforts of finding the most sparkly diamond drills. They have thoughtfully selected the colors of AB diamonds to be included in the kit to give the diamond painting that extra bling. You won't have to spend extra time or go through the trouble of finding the right-sized AB diamond drills. So what are you waiting for?

Order your new kits with shiny AB Diamonds

4. Better and More Tools

Gone are the days when people used to think, "The tool is as good as the user."

The fact is better tools make your work experience 1000% smooth, fast, and near to perfection.


"Perfectionism can't be achieved if we are using low standard tools to work."

Our new DIY painting kits have better tools for diamond painting. You will get everything to get your diamond painting started, from better wax quality to diamond drill holder pens. We have seen many diamond artists ordering extra tools.

Now, you won't have to order separate tools for diamond painting as you get more and better tools at the same price as before.

Browse our whole collection to choose your new upgraded diamond painting kits and be connected with us for future updates, announcements, price reductions, and new arrivals.

Let us know in the comment section what you think of our diamond painting kits. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed for further improvement.

  • We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days if our products fail to satisfy you.
  • Our canvases and diamonds are backed with lifetime coverage for defects in material and craftsmanship.
  • The anti-wrinkle velvet canvases with extra shiny diamonds and no-blurry prints makes your diamond painting experience smooth.
  • Our Existing USA Stock is not Upgraded. We'll soon Replenish the USA Stock with Fully Upgraded Painting Kits.