Our Story

All Diamond Painting started its journey to provide people with high quality diamond painting kits that could satisfy the interests of all sorts of aspiring artists worldwide. To ensure quality, we chose the finest materials for the canvases, brightest colors for the diamonds and the highest grade of diamond painting tools, so that the customers are able to enjoy the process to its fullest.

All Diamond Painting hosts a huge collection of diamond paintings for customers of all ages, fields of life and interests to satiate your inner artist. The vast collection ranges from abstract art to famous artists whose faces you may want to turn into beautiful mosaics that could adorn your walls.

Here at All Diamond Painting, we put care for our customers first, which is why we have absolutely no concerns whilst sharing our story with our beloved customers. We prefer to keep the process transparent and simple, so that our customers can contact and inquire at any time.

In order to make the process easier and accessible to our customers, we have a clear and concise policy that takes in account privacy policy, ordering, refund and tracking policy that can be viewed at the links below: