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The price of a full drill diamond painting kit starts from 9.99$. We have more than 10 different panda diamond paintings in this collection with a size range of 20x20cm to 90x120cm.

Why Panda Diamond Painting?

Panda is one of the most loved animals on the entire planet. They are popular in groups of all ages. Sitting together with your family and completing the panda diamond painting kit is always a good idea. You can browse through our panda paintings collection for the painting of your liking. However, if don't find anything amusing, you can search for a high-resolution panda picture and send it to us. We will create a panda diamond painting of your choice. You can also consult our designers for free through email and chat to your satisfaction.

The world has never seen a creature like a panda. Pandas are native to China and as such, they have been protected as a part of the country's natural heritage since 1958. 

The Invention Of Diamond Painting Art

It is believed that the Diamond painting started in Asia. From there other parts of the world have been taken over by it. The concept of diamond painting has been around for a long time and it's not new. In earlier days, for a diamond painting on velvet cloth one would have to glue the beads onto it. This was considered too hard as beads tend to fall from the fabric easily. Super glue adhesive is now used with velvet canvases to keep the diamonds intact. Velvet canvases are almost wrinkleless.

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