How to Remove Wrinkles and Creases From a Diamond Painting Canvas?

So, your diamond painting kit has just arrived. Excited to get started right away? Wait, what? Your diamond painting is tightly rolled up, doesn't lay flat, and has lots of creases and wrinkles on it.

Yes, every diamond painter has to face these things. Fortunately, your diamond painting isn't ruined by these troublesome creases. Although you may need to flatten out the canvas, wrinkles often smooth out after applying diamonds on it and will not affect the final result. It will be shiny and glowing and won't show any imperfection.

Flatten Your Canvas & Remove the Creases

If you are one of those who want their diamond painting canvas to be in pristine condition, you can easily remove the wrinkles and flatten it. First thing first, if your painting doesn't lay flat and go back to its rolled-up state, you will have to flatten it; only then can you unwrinkled it.

We have compiled a few tips and methods to remove creases from the canvas - safely and successfully.

But first, we will discuss the canvas flattening methods.

1. Unsticking and Re-sticking Protective Plastic

One of the quickest methods to unfurl the canvas is to peel back the protective layer on one corner and reapply by using hands pressure. You will have to repeat this procedure of lifting the protective layer and re-sticking on all the remaining sides. You will see that the canvas flattens so quickly.

Don't ever try to remove the entire protective sheet all at once as you won't be able to apply that back perfectly. Remove & apply the protective sheet in small sections & keep moving from one corner of the diamond painting canvas to the other corner. The biggest perk is that the canvas will not only flatten, but some of the wrinkles also smooth out. 

2. Rolling Your Diamond Painting Canvas The Other Way Round

This method sounds quite simple but no doubt it's quite effective in easy flattening of diamond painting canvas. You just need to take out your diamond painting canvas, lay it on a flat surface, unroll it & then roll it again the other way round. Repeat this process a few times & you'll see that your canvas is flattening. Also try to roll & unroll the canvas by upside down. First keep the printed side out & then change to the blank side out. Keep unrolling & rolling, until your canvas is flattened out.

Now, let's dig into methods to unwrinkled your canvas to get it back in flawless condition. Learn more about Diamond Painting Facts.

Wrinkle Removal Without Using Heat

1. Using Heavy Weight

Things Required

  • A flat Surface
  • Some heavyweight like books

Diamond paintings come tightly rolled up. We have discussed quick methods of flattening it, you can also try another method by putting it underneath heavy weights to flatten it and remove wrinkles and creases perfectly.

Using heavy weights over canvas

For that, lay it on a flat surface. You can either tape it on all four corners or leave it as-is. Place some heavy flat objects like books or flat, heavy boxes on it. Some diamond painting crafters like to keep it underneath their mattresses several days before starting with this crazily addicting artwork. A mattress works better if your canvas has a large size.

2. Using a Craft Knife or Steel Ruler

Things Required

  • Just a simple craft knife or steel ruler

Sometimes the wrinkles are the result of air bubbles that are trapped in the canvas. To release the air bubbles, you can use a craft knife or a steel ruler. Just slightly prick the air bubble or make a delicate cut on it to let out the trapped air. Make sure to do it gently, or else you will cut the canvas.

This method can remove some wrinkles. However, if it doesn't work, you can move on to try the following method.

3. Using a Wrinkle Releaser Spray

Things Required

  • Fabric wrinkle spray of any brand

Wrinkle release spray not only works on your clothing but can also unwrinkled the creases on the diamond painting canvas. It also removes odors and freshens the canvas. But you will have to spot check on the inconspicuous corner of the canvas to examine if the ink of the canvas bleeds or not. The premium quality canvas shouldn't have any issue, but it's better to be on the safe side.

Using wrinkles removing  spray

Spray a little on the backside corner of the canvas and let it dry. If the canvas remains unaffected, you can use the spray on the whole canvas. Spray on the backside of the canvas by keeping it at least 6-8 inches away from the canvas. Do not drench it completely with the spray. Squirt the sprayer only a few times. Remove the excess spray by dabbing it with a tissue and smooth it out using your hands. Let the spray dry in the air and see the deep creases and wrinkles fade away.

Wrinkle Removal By Using Heat

The science behind removing wrinkles from the clothes and the diamond painting canvas is the same. Just like we use heat to remove creases from the clothes, diamond painting canvas can also be unwrinkled like this.

4. By Using Iron

Things Required

  • Iron
  • A thick towel

Some diamond artists try to steer away from ironing the canvas as they fear that it will affect the adhesiveness of the canvas. If your kit has specifically mentioned against using iron, then you should avoid it. Otherwise, with just a little extra care, you can remove all the wrinkles and creases more effectively than any other method.

Iron your canvas

Lay down the canvas on the iron stand face down. Place a thick towel on the backside of the canvas. Use a low iron setting to remove the wrinkles. Some people like to spray the canvas with water. If you feel the need for it, don't directly spray the canvas; instead, you can sprinkle water on the towel and iron the canvas.

Do not use iron on a high setting as it will melt the glue or the adhesive film, ruining the whole canvas. If necessary, gradually increase the heat setting and keep checking the canvas while ironing.

Note: Don't use iron after applying diamonds on the canvas. The heat will melt the diamond resins.

5. Heat Pad Method

Things Required

  • Heat pad
  • Two towels
  • Some weight

It is one of the less explored methods but worked effectively in our testing without damaging the canvas. First, sandwich your heating pad between two towels on a flat surface, lay your diamond painting on the top towel with the design side facing upward and place a paper sheet on the top of the canvas. Weigh it down by using some books.

Turn on the heat pad and keep checking the temperature to avoid ruining the glue or adhesiveness of the canvas. Leave it for 10-15 minutes, then turn off the heating pad. All the wrinkles will smooth out and will not reappear.

Pro Tips for Wrinkles Removal

  • Roll the canvas gently in the opposite direction of wrinkles.
  • Use a hairdryer on low heat to warm the canvas and flatten it with a heavy object as it cools.
  • Hover a steam iron over the canvas at a safe distance to relax the fibers and smooth out wrinkles.
  • Place a damp cloth over wrinkles for a few hours, then gently smooth out the canvas.
  • Roll the canvas in the opposite direction, leave rolled for a few hours, then unroll and flatten with a heavy object.
  • Consider stretching the canvas over a wooden frame to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Store diamond painting flat when not in use to prevent future wrinkles.
  • Cover the canvas with a protective film when not working on it to avoid dust and potential wrinkles.

Apply these methods to smooth out and flatten your canvas. Tell us in the comment section which method worked for you. If you have any other method, do let us know in the comments below.