Why We Love Trendy Diamond Painting?

In French, they call it "Broderie Diamant". Diamond painting is a form of art that has connected people from diverse cultures and has made a community of artists. The creative ideas can only get multiplied if we come together.

With this thinking in mind, All Diamond Painting has partnered with "Trendy Diamond Painting" to bring new creativity and fresh touch to the world of diamond painting.

"This marks the extension of the relationship among the artist community across the borders. We are expecting to bring the fusion of designs that can resonate with individual tastes." said Melanie, CEO of Trendy Diamond Painting.

"It is going to benefit the whole diamond painting community as you can expect better designs with better product quality at low costs, and fast shipping." She further added in a statement about the new partnership.

It is one of the leading online diamond painting retailers in France. The site is highly appreciated in France for its higher reputation and is constantly being admired by artists of other regions of the world too.

The Trendy diamond painting is a website that can be best described as "love at first sight." Here we are reviewing the website that has made us fall in love with its simplicity and beauty of designs.

What We Love About Trendy Diamond Painting

The Simple & Clean Interface

The first thing that can make or break an online retailer is their website. Out of the sea of websites, Trendy has managed to excel in both function and design. It has a clean and straightforward interface that is easily navigable. The visually appealing site greets us with its tempting discount offers. The categorically designed site has the simplest menu, making it easy for us to navigate and access information.

Diamond Painting Collection

Dedicated entirely to diamond painting, the Trendy diamond painting store has amassed one of the largest collections of artwork, possessing over 30,000 pieces of diamond art kits. These kits include various categories such as animal, drawing, religion, landscape, portraits, and many others.

These diamond painting kits have garnered the most deserving praise and admiration from diamond artists worldwide, and the site is visited by thousands of artists every day.

Such a vast collection has also ensured to satisfy every art lover's distinct choice, seeking unique designs of diamond painting.

Custom Diamond Painting

When you can't find a diamond painting kit that you are looking for, you wish to have a customized kit made with the image of your choice, then Trendy Diamond Painting is here to serve you. You can choose your family pictures, your friend's or kid's picture, your holiday adventure and get it converted into a custom diamond painting.

Custom Diamond Painting Image

Imagine the happiness of gifting these custom-made diamond paintings to your beloved family members, relatives, or friends!

How to Order

Trendy diamond painting has made custom diamond kits accessible for everyone. The process is really simple. Upload your image, choose from various sizes, choose the shape of the beads, and voilà, you are done! Your custom diamond painting kit will be at your home.

If you are still unsure about getting a custom-made diamond painting kit, you can check their tutorial under FAQ's tab. It will help you select the right image and size for your custom diamond kits.

Diamond Painting Supplies

Trendy diamond painting kits include all the tools and accessories to get you started with diamond painting. However, extra tools that don't come with kits are also available such as light pad, frames, diamond drills' organizer, straighteners, diamond drill applicator pen, etc.

Diamond Painting Supplies Image

So, you won't have to find through dozens of other websites as you can directly order quality supplies from here.

Quality-Focused Diamond Painting Kits

The skilled craftsmanship behind all Trendy DPs has ensured the quality of their diamond paintings.

Diamond Painting Kit

Trendy diamond painting has tried to eliminate all the issues that diamond artists usually face with other retailers. Their canvases are crease-resistant, self-flattening, and made of high-quality material with proper printing. So, you enjoy the diamond painting activity rather than fuss and fume over canvas and diamond resins quality.

Not just that, their diamond drills are also double sparkly with vivid colors and perfect cut. You won't find poorly cut or dull diamonds with your kits. They also add AB diamonds to their diamond painting kits for an extra sparkling & glowing effect. Their customers are all satisfied with the quality and designs of the kit.

Perks & Bonuses

Diamond painting is an addictive craft. Once you complete one diamond painting, you start craving to try more and more. So, Trendy diamond painting frequently introduces new discounts or perks for their satisfied customers.

Other than that, they also have a 30-day return or refund if you are not satisfied with the purchase. You can return the products by paying the return cost & get a full refund on your order. It's definitely an enticing offer for those who are usually unwilling to buy products online.

Trendy diamond painting is not just highly regarded for its vast collection of fascinating diamond painting kits, but it also focuses on customer services and satisfaction. Their dedicated customer support department replies to any query regarding shipment, delivery, orders, after sales support,  custom diamond kits within 24 hours.

Final Words

Diamond painting is an art that knows no boundaries. It has connected the artistic community by sheer creativity and purity of intention. We are expecting to bring the fusion of designs that can resonate with individual tastes.

Watch out for our new updates, arrivals, and announcements as the fun is just about to begin!