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Hey Cow boys & cowgirls, you would love to see our collection of horse diamond painting kits. We have 100+ horse diamond paintings at very affordable prices. And bet not, our quality of diamond painting kits is awesome with AB diamonds, high quality tools and upgraded self-adhesive canvas that doesn’t use double sided tape.

Why Should you Paint Horse Diamond Paintings?

Horses have been part of human history since the dawn of civilization. They are associated with warfare and sport, but they are also a firm fixture in human art and culture. Consider the prevalence of horses in our films, books and songs - even in our idioms. Horses appear to be an animal we cannot get enough of. Humans love horses for their friendliness, gentleness and responsiveness. Horses are extremely social animals which form extremely close bonds with each other. We as humans get emotionally attached to them and their presence is relaxing to us. Horses are friendly to all of their kind, and most of them can be trained to be ridden by people. They live in a herd with a leader to whom all the other horses obey, and are extremely protective of their young. Horses offer us companionship and provide us with a great sense of camaraderie. They are extremely gentle, and once you have established a bond with a horse, you can ride him as easily as you would ride a bicycle.

Paint horses with diamonds:

Start your first horse diamond painting and have hours of fun with our beautiful designs. And fear not if you don’t like any design from our collection of horse diamond paintings. You can always find a photo from internet and send it to us and we will convert it to a glittering diamond art kit. You can also take a selfie with your horse and send it to us for a custom diamond painting.

Advantages of Diamond Painting:

Have you still not started diamond painting? Why not take advantage of what you can have? Start diamond painting today and thank us later.

Since ancient times, people have been drawing and painting on walls, clothes, and caves. Today, a renewed and more modern version of this art form, called diamond painting, is booming across the globe. In fact, it is the world's fastest growing adult hobby. Diamond painting is a challenging activity, which makes it an engaging time pass for people of all ages. And all that for a reason! Diamond painting is worth the time.

5 Best Diamond Paintings Featuring Horses:

There are so many horse diamond paintings in our collection that choosing 5 best is a rather difficult task but I will pick my 5 best kits from our collection:

• Black & Brown Horse Diamond Painting - This painting is of a black and brown horse galloping in the snow.
Native American War Horse - 
Adorable Horse - Diamond Painting Kit 
• Blazing Horse
Fantasy Horse Flying Painting