Diamond Art Painting Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Painting by diamonds is an exciting and addictive hobby, that can provide deep satisfaction if done the right way.

Diamond paintings can cost a lot and take hours to finish, so it is important to learn some tips and tricks to make sure the painting goes smoothly and you get the best of your experience. If you have not yet chosen your diamond art kit, choose one now.

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If you have ever found yourself facing a stubborn air bubble or having a difficult time getting your resins in a straight line on the canvas, or just want to get some tips before starting your first ever painting, this is the place for you.

15 Tips to Take Your Diamond Painting Skills to the Next Level

Tip 1: Select the Right Painting

When buying your diamond painting, make sure to select a painting that you not only like, but which will be easy to paint. Confusing and identical symbols or an extra-large canvas may be overwhelming for first-timers, so be pragmatic.

Tip 2: Fix the Wayward Adhesive Layer

If you peel back the top layer of canvas and it’s missing the adhesive layer, there’s no need to freak out. This usually means that the glue has stuck to the top layer instead of coming down onto the canvas. The solution is simple. Simply cover it again and press the canvas down with a roller or brayer and peel off a different side of the canvas where the layer is still stuck to the bottom. Voila!

Tip 3: Flatten a Stubborn Canvas

Is your canvas being stubborn and not flattening out? An easy hack is to just peel off the top layer a little at each side until the canvas flattens and then cover it back. It works like magic.

Tip 4: Handle the Canvas While Painting

When starting off your painting, make sure to lay it on a large, flat surface and start off from the top. This ensures that when you move the canvas, it goes up instead of slipping down whatever surface you placed it on or touching your hands.

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Tip 5: Light Up the Canvas

To make it easier to distinguish between dark colors or just to have more light concentrated on the canvas, use a portable light source, like a light pad that you can slip under the canvas or a fold-able lamp.

Tip 6: Cover the Corners of the Canvas

To make sure nothing sticks to the corners of the canvas, cover the corners with either washi tape or paper. This will make them look clean and proper.

Tip 7: Get Rid of Static From Resins

This one may seem like a no-brainer. Store a piece of dryer sheet with your resins to get rid of any static. It helps them stick to the canvas better.

Tip 8: Get Rid of Air Bubbles in the Canvas

This next tip is a game-changer. To eliminate air bubbles in the canvas, which are the bane of any diamond painters’ existence, simply take a small blade and make small incisions on the surface of the canvas. Make sure to keep the pressure light so you don’t cut through the canvas.

Tip 9: Get Your Drills Straight

If your diamonds are not sticking straight, put them down in zig-zag patterns. This works better for larger blocks of the same color, but you can use it for smaller sections too.

Tip 10: Organize and Label Your Drills

Always make sure to keep your resins organized and labelled. If you are a regular painter, it’s a great idea to invest in an organizer from the drugstore, or be creative with it and use anything from empty egg cartons to clothes hangers to store your diamonds. Or simply use a storage box for diamond containers.

Tip 11: Apply Gentle Pressure on the Drills

Be careful while putting down the diamonds onto the canvas. Too much pressure will make the wax from the tool pen to stick onto the diamonds, which can dull their shine.

Tip 12: Clean Wax From Drills

If your diamonds already have wax stuck onto them, there’s no need to despair. Just wait for the diamonds to settle on the canvas before getting a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off the wax.


Tip 13: Use Square Drills for Better Finish

Use square drills for a better finish. Round drills may be easier to pick up and deposit onto the canvas more easily, but they do not give the same effect as the square drills, which fill all the corners and give more sparkle than their round counterparts.

Tip 14: Use a Multi-diamond Tool

If there are large chunks of the same colors that seem to be never-ending, use a multi-diamond tool to speed up the process. There are 3-drill, 7-drill, and 11-drill tools available for different sizes of canvases.

Tip 15: Replace Wax With DIY TAC

Use DIY tac (or blue tac) instead of the wax that comes with the painting kit. The tac is more durable and won’t come off as easily as the wax. To make tac at home, just take an old, dry glue stick and take out the glue from it. Make sure that the glue is not too sticky, then rub and knead it to soften its texture. Add ink in it to give it some color if you want, or leave it as it. Both work the same.

Hope these diamond painting tips and tricks helped solve some of your diamond painting problems and saved you from wasting time trying to figure out how to keep your canvas flat or finding beads of similar colors. Have fun and go paint the (canvas) red!

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