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Browse through our 40+ high-quality full drill eyes diamond painting collection with sizes ranging from 20x25cm to 90x120cm at a starting price of just 9.99$.

Stress Relieving Eyes Diamond Paintings

It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In other words, they tell a lot about a person. They can reveal how trustworthy they are, how happy they are, and also their anxiety level. If someone has dilated pupils, that person is probably feeling stressed or uncomfortable. Well, such people are in luck with our eyes diamond paintings collection. Diamond painting kits are known for several reasons which are beneficial for health. Whenever you are under stress or anxiety, you can just make yourself some free time and start completing the eyes diamond art kit. You will definitely feel relieved and satisfied at the end. You can even invite your family or friends to this little puzzle party. Eyes diamond painting is a great thing to gift some loved one or you can use it as home decor instead once it's finished.

"Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're livin'?" -Bob Marley

Why do diamonds shine?

Diamonds shine due to their glossy finish and also because of their number of facet cuts. The more facets a diamond has the more light will reflect at different angles through its surfaces. Thus, the diamond will appear shinier.

What Size Should I Choose For Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is mosaic art. Large-sized paintings will look more detailed. So it is recommended that you should choose a larger size for better results.

What Are 3D And 5D Diamonds?

3D diamonds have 3 facets on them while 5D has more facets and looks flashier than 3D diamonds. Due to the increased demand and appreciation towards 5D diamonds, most of our new diamond paintings are coming with 5D diamonds.

Our Best Selling Eyes Diamond Paintings Are:

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Order your desired eyes diamond painting kit and visualize a brand new world of diamonds!