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Some people are really into skulls and horror stuff. For those individuals, we have 15+ full drill skull diamond paintings with a size range of 20x25cm to 90x120cm. The starting price of these paintings is 9.99$.

Who Wanna Buy A Skull Diamond Painting?

It is indeed a question worth asking because skulls are generally considered as a bad omen and a symbol of death. Virtually there should be no sales for such a collection. But the fact is, people are quite fond of skulls and frightening things. Skull diamond paintings are just the thing to do at the events like Halloween worldwide and the day of the dead in Mexican culture. You can complete several Skull diamond painting kits with friends on a Halloween night. You can add more fun to this painting by getting a glow-in-dark special diamond painting.

Skulls symbolism is a subject that has been around since the beginning of time. The skull represents death and rebirth and is often seen in cultures where death is not a taboo topic. A skull is a common form that is often depicted in art, literature, and religion. The use of skulls in art and culture has been depicted by Europeans, Native Americans, and Asian cultures for centuries. In Ancient Egypt, the head was called "the house of life" because it reminded the Ancient Egyptians of the body. In Aztec culture, skulls were used to decorate temples with them because they believed this would provide their people security from death. In Christianity the skull symbolizes mortality.

Useful Tips For Painting With Diamonds

As diamonds painting take a lot of time and concentration, it is not recommended to paint the canvas on the floor. You should use a flat surface at a suitable height. The use of a study table will be the best. If you don't have an appropriate study table, you can even use a cutting board from your kitchen stuff. Proper lighting is very important for diamond painting. Otherwise, it will be harmful to your eyes. If you managed a table, you can complete the painting while standing over it or use a comfortable chair. Place something heavy on the canvas to straighten it up. Now partially lift the adhesive layer from over the canvas to start placing diamonds on their defined places. Keep repeating the same cycle (partially removing the adhesive layer and placing diamonds) and you will complete your masterpiece without any interruptions.

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