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Sensational Northern Lights Diamond Paintings

Among the most incredible phenomena that our world has to offer are the glorious Northern Lights. These majestic lights are so mesmerizing that they seem supernatural. It is a dream for many to feast one’s eyes on Northern Lights but northern lights appear only in a handful of locations of planet Earth. To get the adventure of the Northern Lights you have to travel across the World. Don’t worry we have got a solution for you with our Northern Lights diamond paintings. You can experience the splendid beauty of Northern Lights with our Northern Lights diamond painting kits. You must give a try to our Northern Lights diamond paintings as it will be a euphoric pursuit to engage in crafting the wonderful Northern lights. You need not go far from home. You do not have to work day and night to save money to go to the pilgrimage of Northern Lights when you can have delightful pleasure in the peace of your home with our Northern lights diamond paintings.

Northern Lights which are also known as Aurora Borealis are delightful waves of lights that have fascinated the human race. These lights seem like a celestial thing that dances in the dark sky full of stars. These bright, glowing, vivid eye-catching waves have the color patterns of green, blue, violet, pink. Northern Lights are natural planetary phenomena that are created when electrically charged particles from the sun collide with our planet’s upper atmosphere. These glaring lights can appear in various forms and sizes and expand from 80 to 640 km above the surface of the earth. The eminent place to take the adventures of these majestic phenomena is the country of Norway. Northern lights appear over each magnetic pole and northern and southern poles. Other countries and areas that offer the adventures of these majestic, vivid lights are Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, Scotland.

5 Tips for Your Northern Lights Diamond Painting:

Painting the marvelous Northern Lights diamond paintings is a gratifying experience. The intensity of jubilation in wrapping up the Northern Lights diamond painting would be immense. 

Handy techniques you can use to complete your Northern Lights diamond paintings include

  1. For ease in picking up diamonds. Put diamonds in the tray and shake delicately to and fro to arrange diamonds in an apt way. This technique will be beneficial to expedite the completion of your Northern Lights diamond painting.
  2. Look through the color-coded scheme prior to starting, so you have an idea of which colors are required. If you grab irrelevant colors, or all the colors at once you will blend the colors. This will be a hectic task to deal with and will consequently delay the completion of your Northern Lights diamond painting. 
  3. Make sure to not take off the plastic protective sheet from the entire canvas of the Northern lights diamond painting to evade dust problems from those areas where diamonds are not being applied. 
  4. Set the top of the canvas of the Northern lights diamond painting as the origin for placing the diamonds and reach towards the bottom. Using this technique will not weigh down the bottom and secure the diamonds from falling or slipping. 
  5. Tenderly apply the diamonds on the canvas of the Northern lights diamond painting. If a lot of force is applied to the diamonds, diamonds may fall off the canvas.

Our offers feature free consulting via emails and chats from where you can contact us and get completely satisfied prior to giving us the order. You can order your desired size and wave-cut canvas. If you have scrolled through our Northern Lights Diamond Painting and you have not found a design that you were looking for, then try the option of our custom diamond painting. Send us the design you want and we will convert your design into a diamond painting for you. 

Contact us if you have any questions about the size.

Our 5 best Northern lights diamond paintings are

If Northern Lights fascinates you, and you are a Northern Lights lover, you will admit for sure that our Northern Lights diamond painting’s quality has flair and it was worth it to get our Northern Lights Diamond Painting.